demonic fox of doom
Hey there,

This is FadedLynx from marapets! Welcome to my work in progress site! I built this site because I honestly missed many of the features the old Marasites had. Image hosting, embedded frames, ect. Basically, this is a place where I can put up things I can't actually put on my marasite mostly for technical reasons.

Think of it as my little tool kit for Marapets. Maybe it will become your tool kit, too?

evil squirrel
If you don't know what Marapets is, it's a pet site that technically is supposed to be for kids, but, really, so are clowns and clowns are freaking terrifying. If the idea of fairies who get drunk and gamble, inflicting voodoo curses on pets, and forums with avatars wearing gear from the Rocky Horror Picture Show amuses you, click here to check it out. Just don't expect squeaky clean stuff and sparkle rainbows all the time. This is not Neopets.

By the way, as this is a Marapets fan site type thing, here is a copyright note on the stuff used from marapets itself.

Thanks and have fun!

- FadedLynx